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The fully functioning farm sits on over 200 acres of land in Southwest Minnesota. The farm has been the home to the Bos family for decades. There is a large barn which in the days gone by was used to milk a herd of dairy cows. There are also many outbuildings that have housed cows, sheep, horses, and even a goat. The farm has always had a dog and many farm cats.
You can take a walk around the property, see the growing crops and trees, and maybe even play in the Rock River right out back. End the day enjoying a lovely sunset over the beauty of the plains.
For Reservations, Call 1-507-442-4114
Riverside Acres, 1535 41st Street, Edgerton, Minnesota 56128 ~ Hosts: Herm and Jan Bos ~ Phone: 1-507-442-4114
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